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Hardly a day goes by without the ”Middle East” showing up in headlines. The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for over sixty years and the flame of peace is increasingly weakened.

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Författare: Donald Boström


In this new edition of the book Inshallah, the world famous journalist Donald Boström publishes his harrowing and powerful stories and photos along with essays by many prominent writers on the subject. Based on personal experiences, they describe and analyze ideas, events and phenomena. We meet with refugees, settlers, Intifada-activists, Yasser Arafat and especially Jerusalem, the city of strong and unforgiving emotions, which many see as their territory and home.

In this edition, Professor Nancy Sheper-Huges from Berkeley University, California, and Donald Boström give the answer to the burning question that exploded worldwide in 2009: Did Israel illegally harvest organs from Palestinians?

In its combined work of photos and text, analysis and commitment, this book is a unique document on one of today’s most crucial conflicts.

The contributing authors are Cordelia Edvardson, Per Garthon, Jan Guillou, Thomas Hammarberg, Per Jönsson, Lars Boström, Lena Lönnqvist, Bengt Nilsson, Seppo Sinimaa, Peter Löfgren, BengtNilsson och Cecilia Uddén.

FörfattareDonald Boström 
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